57 Scientifically-Proven Survival Foods to Stockpile

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Do you know which foods disappear first from store shelves in a disaster?

Shelf-stable foods are critical to your survival, and they’re always the first items to sell out the moment disaster strikes. Many people are left frantically scrounging for whatever they can find at the last minute or, worse, left empty-handed.

But with a solid plan, you can avoid the frenzied rush and guarantee your family has the right foods to survive, even thrive, with this cutting-edge guide.

Join me, Damian Brindle, long-time survival blogger with many thousands of readers, as I detail 57 vital foods to stockpile during any survival situation. Whether it’s an earthquake, tornado, wildfire, hurricane or worse, your chances of survival drop dramatically if you don’t have the proper fuel for your body. I’ve spent decades ensuring my family will be safe from whatever life throws at them, and now I’m bringing my expert knowledge to you.

Inside this powerful survival guide you’ll discover:

What a healthy diet must include (miss any of these and you’re asking for trouble);27 of the best grocery store foods to stockpile to maximize your intake of essential nutrients (it’s not only about vitamins and minerals);11 fundamental bulk foods to focus on above all others (including where to get them inexpensively and how to store them so they last decades);19 additional “superfoods” to boost nutrition, aid digestion, and support your immune system (I’ll explain why each one is crucial to your survival);How to use all of these foods to their maximum potential so you and your family not only survive, but thrive, when disaster strikes.

Don’t risk having the wrong foods or, worse, nothing to eat. Now you, too, can ensure your family are well-fed, healthy, and ready to face anything with this powerful survival guide in hand.

What readers think about this book…

“I have never read such a detailed food storage/survival guide!”

“Awesome book! Easy to read and thorough.”

“This book is not only an eye-opener but a practical guide to preparation.”

“Stuffed with a lot of informative information.”

“Great book with many ideas and resources I had never thought of! I appreciate how thorough this is.”

“A ‘must have’ book for anyone serious about these uncertain times.”

From the Publisher

101 survival items to purchase before the economy crashes, leaving you without crucial gear and supplies to survive hard times. Discover how to prepare financially, how to feed your family, the exact gear and supplies to stockpile, and so much more. Inside you’ll find dozens of the most effective DIY survival ideas for whatever disaster comes your way. The complete guide to assembling a better get home / EDC bag for a fraction of the cost and be better prepared starting today. Broken down into four fundamental tiers of gear and supplies, here’s how to assemble a survival pack you can rely upon.

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