Off the Grid Survival Book: Ultimate Guide to Self-Sufficient Living, Wilderness Skills, Survival Skills, Shelter, Water, Heat & Off the Grid Power

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In these uncertain times, more and more of us have given great thought to the idea of living “off the grid”. The notion of self-sufficiency and being able to live off the world around us without leaving a huge carbon footprint is more than just tempting. If this is something you have given great thought to, this is exactly the audiobook for you.

In this audiobook, you will:

Learn what it means to live off the grid and why it’s a great ideaLearn how to choose the right location and what permits you will needDiscover what you need to get started on your off-the-grid shelterMaster how to manage water, waste, and powerLearn how to cope with varying weathersMaster raising your own livestock

There is no real reason holding you back from becoming an off-the-grid whiz and taking that brave and adventurous step towards self-sufficiency. So, buy this audiobook now and turn your life around today!

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