The Native American Herbalist’s Bible

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Do you want to learn about the lost world and forgotten practices of Native American herbalism without getting tangled up in misinformation and exaggerated claims?
Are you seeking a contemporary guide to traditional Native American herbal medicine to help you live longer and better?
Or are you ready to fill your medicine cabinet with all-natural, low-cost herbal remedies?

If you answered “yes,” continue reading…

Native Americans are well-known for their understanding of herbal medicine, which they had successfully used for thousands of years before the pharmaceutical industry replaced it.
Native American tribe’s knowledge of herbs & herbal remedies is unmatched, yet it is difficult to get since it is handed down orally from generation to generation. This collection of three books was written to provide you with everything you’ll need to finally accept natural remedies due to Native American herbal knowledge.
The Native American Herbalist’s Bible will take you from harvesting to low-cost administration, from planting tips to developing your natural medicine store, DIY remedies, traditional ways to current usage, and is suitable for beginners and experienced herbalists.
It is more in-depth than every guide on the market, has been carefully researched, and is written in an easy-to-understand manner.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this 13-book series:Native American Medicine’s Forgotten HistoryHow to use herbs in many forms, such as fresh & dried herbs, capsules, extracts in water, glycerin, alcohol, and oil.Everything you need to know about plant harvesting, from planting to wildcrafting, from purchasing advice to ethical practicesYou’ll have easy access to almost 2000 years of herbal culture & spiritual history – without being bogged down by lengthy material or trendy cliches.Detailed descriptions of Native American herbs and wild plants, including traditional uses, Habitat, characteristics, and medicinal use.You’ll learn how to recognize herbs and plants and utilize their unique features.Remedies and recipes for curing common diseases and relieving symptoms of chronic problems Expert-tested recipes for treating your occasional cold, scrape, headache, intestinal trouble, stressful day, or restless night with basic pantry components and much more!
You may have purchased other books to learn how to use natural cures, but no one could assist you with your initial steps. With this set of books, you’ll have a complete handbook for overcoming a wide range of physical and mental symptoms and issues. All you need is the necessary assistance to say goodbye to traditional drugs in favor of natural remedies. If you want a comprehensive guide on using herbs in your daily life, this book is for you. You don’t have to be hooked to prescribed pharmaceuticals; all you must do is adjust how you repair your body.

So, are you ready to learn the Native American healing secrets? Then, click the “BUY NOW” button at the top of the page to get your copy and start your healing journey!
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american native herbalist's bibleamerican native herbalist's bible

natural remediesnatural remedies

The common aspirin, for instance, derives from salicin which was used in ancient times by Native Americans for fever and headache, in the form of tea or infusion.

Sometimes plants were eaten as food. In other cases, a pulp or ointment was applied to open wounds.

Some of the most famous remedies are made up of:

Black Raspberry, Buckwheat, Cayenne Pepper, Chamomile

All used to cure everyday diseases.

american nativeamerican native

secrets of american nativesecrets of american native

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